Build a Technology Partnership on Safety

You need to run your business. But you’re under constant pressure to secure your business or lose business.

Sagacent Technologies safeguards your business from ever-evolving cyberthreats. We implement your technology using cybersecurity best-practices, then manage and support your technology to ensure compliance with external stakeholders and regulations.

The Danger of a Cyberattack Is Growing

Pressured by external forces to implement cybersecurity, you need to address the issue effectively, without disrupting your business. And the need is only growing:

  • Hackers are hitting businesses of all types and sizes, which could cost you productivity and reputational damage.
  • Customers and investors want proof you’re safe to do business with.
  • Regulatory agencies can yank your license or impose huge fines if you don’t adhere to regulations.
  • Insurers want proof of cybersecurity in order to issue policies.

That means you need an IT partner who thinks proactively and reduces IT risks. Sagacent specializes in mitigating cyberthreats to:

  • Improve data security
  • Provide business continuity
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Sagacent Delivers

At Sagacent Technologies, we’re in business to reduce your risks of data loss, data breaches, business interruptions, regulatory compliance violations.

We do that with cybersecurity services that give you good defenses and recovery plans with an easy three-step process to get you on the path toward securing your business and valuable assets:


A cybersecurity assessment shows you the gaps that can make you vulnerable.


Work with our experts to ensure that all workflow, internal policies, and initiatives align with security frameworks and regulations for your specific industry.


Setting up a professional backup and recovery plan will make you less vulnerable to ransomware and possible business downtime.

We then use that as a foundation to provide secure IT services:

Managed services solutions from Sagacent give you management, maintenance, monitoring, support, and cybersecurity for your IT infrastructure. This prevents failures before they occur, protects proprietary data and customer databases, and keeps your technology up and running, no matter what. We have 3 different support plans that let you to choose the right one for your business needs.

Co-managed services provide a trusted partnership with our expert team and your inside staff to supply an intelligent division of labor. We round out gaps in your team’s knowledge to ensure that your cybersecurity, business continuity and compliance is implemented and maintained correctly. This hybrid model maintains the institutional knowledge of your employees with the flexibility and broad-ranging expertise of the experienced Sagacent team.

Why Sagacent?

Only two percent of IT service providers manage and support their clients using the industry’s nationally recognized best practices. Detailed in cybersecurity frameworks, Sagacent uses these best practices to architect, manage, support, and secure your IT. In fact, our standard security stack offers many robust applications our competitors often don’t even offer as options or upgrades. Which is why we’re one of the most nationally recognized managed service providers of our size.

We specialize in mitigating issues around: data security, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Because we use nationally recognized cybersecurity best practices, we can significantly decrease the likelihood your business will be hacked or breached, and increase the probability your business will weather such an event with minimum business disruption.

The Way We Work

At Sagacent Technologies, we have a proven process to manage your IT environment, with security as an essential part of everything we do:

  1. We find out about your IT environment, your goals and needs.
  2. We document and communicate a plan.
  3. We implement and monitor the solution, updating it as needed to meet changing conditions or goals.
  4. We support your solution every step of the way.

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