These guys truly provide custom services and are ON IT. We contacted them prior to opening our business in 2016 after some serious setbacks and stress regarding the tech readiness of our new facility location. We faced significant challenges with getting internet, phone and tv service to our facility due to its location on a hill and because it had never been “wired” to connect with any of the local service providers. Comcast quoted almost $100,000 to “wire” us and the other provider quotes were no better. This was a substantially prohibitive problem for us, especially as a start-up. When we found Sagacent they turned the impossible into a solution that actually works for us. We have maintained service with them since and they have always provided prompt, reliable, expert advice and are always available for whatever needs arise.

They’re currently helping us refine our compliance and operations, a large undertaking requiring a very specific knowledge base. They continue to surprise me with the multi-dimensional nature of their team’s combined knowledge and breadth of specialities. I feel like our business could not possibly be in better hands. Oh, and our employees really like working with Sagacent’s employees and have frequently commented as such which to me is a big deal because social grace and positive interaction experiences are sometimes hard to come by when working with IT support.
This is especially important to me because I don’t want employees “wasting ” time trying to figure out IT problems on their own because they don’t like “dealing with” support. We’ve always gotten really great feedback from our employees and I’m grateful to Sagacent for providing such great service.
Yelp Review
We had expanded our medical clinic by adding an administrative office in Hollister. I struggled to get the network stable between our clinic in San Jose and the new office in Hollister and with staff sitting in Hollister, I couldn’t get even the phones to work. Unfortunately every IT support company I called stopped me after my introduction telling me that I had to have a support contract or at least 100 employees or something out of my reach.

When I finally called Sagacent, Ed said ‘we can help you!’ and that’s what I needed to hear! He recognized that my office in Hollister was down and needed immediate support. He got Ryan, one of his Network Engineers, out to our clinic pronto and didn’t haggle me when I was desperate for help like the other companies.
Ryan was great! I could tell immediately that Ryan had been doing this for years and knew what he was doing. He was like a Network Ninja, configured a new router for us, and swapped it out like it was child’s play. He was great to collaborate with and gave me some really good advice. I really enjoyed working with him as a fellow Engineer.

I can’t say enough good things about my first experience with Sagacent. Really great guys, down to earth, recognize your needs and are there to really help!
Yelp Review
Ed and his staff are great. They always answer our calls and respond very quickly. Great company to work with.
Frank T.
Services are fast and efficient and resolving problems. My lost files were returned and usable in less than one day. Highly recommend Sagacent for computer software issues.
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Search “Risk Management” in the dictionary and I bet Sagacent shows up! Ed Correia and his team are super knowledgeable. And they constantly study new and trending cybersecurity threats to ensure they understand how to mitigate the risks they pose to your IT systems and your business. That combination of knowledge, diligence, and experience coupled with thoroughness, responsiveness, integrity and genuine concern for the health of your IT systems and the prosperity of your business is why I recommend the Sagacent team to everyone I know.
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Sagacent provided us reliable, responsive and insightful IT services. When we acquired another company, they helped us migrate the entire company’s IT system into our stem within 24 hours and without any business interruptions. This included an entire server migration. Their excellent service has earned them an outstanding reputation and has made them our trusted partner.
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The real focus of the company is IT risk reduction, which they do through their unique method of IT support. The company’s approach to its clients’ security needs is comprehensive, thorough and very well thought through. It takes into account not only latest technological developments in the field but also the human nature and our tendency to underestimate the risks we know little about. A lot of effort is put into making sure that business owners know and understand what technology and security they need to operate successfully without experiencing interruptions because of computers crashing, or ransomware attacks or being hacked, or losing data or failing to be compliant with specific regulations due to IT. Don’t hesitate to hire.
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Regardless of the need (and sometimes the hour) Sagacent Technologies has been ready to support my business. My staff and I don’t have to be concerned with computers or the network–which has freed us up to concentrate on our core business. I gladly recommend Sagacent Technologies for any computer, networking, security, or other technical needs. Even if you’re not sure if your questions involve PCs or networking… they’ll know how to assist you!
Owner Internet/Mail Order Business
…I find Sagacent to be an excellent technology partner. They are a well-organized and intelligently run company with a real commitment to customer service and satisfaction.
Owner Technology Services Company
Sagacent Technologies offers a high-level method of improving productivity and security for company-wide network systems. They offer proactive technology assistance that will prevent high costs in the future.
Owner Manufacturing Consulting Firm
I’ve been so impressed with the quality of Sagacent’s service. They listen very carefully, and ask great questions, to make sure they know what the client wants, then offer options and explain what they can do, or won’t be able to do, to make that happen. You can’t buy better service or more knowledge.
Director Marketing Firm
Sagacent Technologies has always been very professional and always timely to any of my problems. They has answered many questions for me and my business. If you want somebody who comes to your work/home in a timely manner and solves all your computer problems, call Sagacent.
Owner Home Remodeling Center
I would rate Sagacent an A+ in each of the 7 categories [in Sagacent’s Customer Service Survey]. The service we received from our former provider was unbelievable at times. I never recall our tech arriving on time before…generally it was anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks later than scheduled. Sagacent has indeed put customer satisfaction first and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
Office Manager Insurance Firm
Sagacent Technologies has proven itself time and time again to be responsive, technically knowledgeable and quite competent in their deployment of our IT solutions.
Business Development Executive Technology Company
The service Sagacent provides is excellent. We enjoy the special attention to detail and our particular needs. I feel we didn’t receive this type of great service and attention from [our previous vendor]. You won’t go wrong with Sagacent Technologies.
One is hard pressed to find any areas that need improvement in Sagacent’s service. From the initial gathering of information concerning our needs through the proposal, installation, and periodic maintenance of our system, Sagacent is professional, timely and very responsive to our requests for information and service. Our relationship is on-going and excellent.
Light Manufacturing Company
Sagacent has helped me resolve problems with my computer on a couple of occasions. I am quite computer-literate but could not resolve this [latest] problem. …After two days of not being able to work I called them and they had this problem fixed in less than 5 minutes! …The bottom line is that, had it not been for Sagacent’s assistance, I’d still be up the creek without a paddle. I highly recommend them to anyone who might have a need for their services.