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Managing your IT resources is critical to the success of your business; and to avoiding unplanned expenses, efficiency blocks, or data loss. But not every organization has the resources to manage it all themselves. There are traditionally two ways for businesses to get the IT management and support they need—by creating an in-house team, or through completely outsourcing these functions. At Sagacent Technologies, we call this outsourced model Managed IT.

However, even organizations with in-house IT teams will commonly augment them with outside resources. This hybrid model is what we offer as Co-Managed IT.

Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT divides labor between a trusted managed services provider (MSP) and your in-house IT team. It features clearly defined responsibilities/accountability and technology best practices. Your employees may manage specific IT tasks—while the outsourced partner covers everything else.

This hybrid model allows you to build a flexible, “best of both worlds” approach that provides economies of scale and is purpose-built for your particular business.

With Co-Managed IT solutions from Sagacent Technologies, your in-house IT team can focus more on delivering personal services to employees and on delivering projects that need to be completed. Because they don’t get bogged down as they try to juggle business tasks with their IT responsibilities, they can communicate more effectively with upper management while outsourced IT concentrates on assigned tasks. External resources can also more easily maintain the range of skills and tools they need to effectively manage the full scope of your company’s technology—skills in-house IT may lack. This can include current knowledge on compliance management, cybersecurity, business continuity, disaster recovery, and more.

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Managed IT

If your company doesn’t need an in-house IT team, you can try to piece together a solution that covers all your needs. But trying to build that yourself can cost you time and money, and may still leave you with gaps in IT services.

With complete solutions from Sagacent Technologies, we take complete responsibility for management, maintenance, monitoring, support, and security for your IT infrastructure. This Managed IT approach gives you a number of important benefits:

  • A proactive approach
  • A flat-rate fee with no surprise costs
  • A choice of services at various levels
  • The flexibility to add other services when you need them

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