Tom’s firm had a person supporting their technology infrastructure, but things just never seemed to work right. So they decided to seek a second opinion.

Sagacent Technologies performed a thorough network and security audit and discovered several areas were being overlooked. Several systems were misconfigured, leading to problems—and there was little fault tolerance on the server, which could have easily resulted in data loss. But the worst issue we discovered was that their new wireless network was open to the neighborhood and four uninvited guests were using the firm’s Internet connection!

Insurance office and remote support

Craig’s insurance office of 13 employees was still too small to justify a full-time, or even part-time, network administrator.

But since his entire business operation could be shut down with a network failure, he was understandably concerned.

Sagacent Technologies immediately recognized the need to minimize network administration costs while ensuring maximum network uptime. Sagacent’s solution included full-time remote monitoring of network health, immediate remote response over the internet when we detected a problem, and fast on-site response in the rare case that the problem couldn’t be resolved remotely.

An added benefit to the solution was that any office workers experiencing even the slightest work slowdown due to unfamiliarity with an operating system or an application could request remote support. Sagacent employees connected remotely to their computer and literally showed them on their own computer screen how to move beyond the problem.

This solution resulted in huge cost savings over even a part-time network administrator and vastly better network administration.

Medical office and paperless office solution

Leo’s practice was growing fast, but not quite as fast as the mounds of paperwork that were quickly consuming his office.

In looking for a solution to reduce and possibly eliminate paperwork, yet still have the ability to search and find records quickly, he turned to Sagacent Technologies.

Sagacent was able to create a system that met his businesses-specific needs to capture all pertinent data for a specific client into easily accessible folders. At the same time, we maintained strict security and gave him the ability to reproduce hard copies of documents if required.

The end result was a solution that took up almost no space and resulted in dramatically faster data searches than with conventional paper records—for reduced office workload and payroll costs.

Small retail shop goes wireless

When Cara found the perfect space for her new wine shop, she never dreamed just how difficult it would be to set up a computer and point-of-sale system.

Luckily she got a recommendation for Sagacent Technologies.

Sagacent was able to recommend a wireless network solution that didn’t require expensive retrofitting and wiring of the old building’s brick structure. And, even better, this solution allowed Cara to relocate systems as she changed the shop’s layout for sales and special events.

The end result was huge cost savings and great flexibility for the new business.

Medical office and wireless network

When a new medical office with multiple doctors found themselves very cramped for space, they asked Sagacent Technologies how to save space networking their facility.

In looking at their needs, we also saw a need for lots of flexibility and frequent reorganization. They also wanted to toss the old-fashioned clipboards and enter client data directly into computers while seeing patients. The prescription was handheld tablet PCs, wirelessly connected to the office network. This allowed doctors to immediately enter patient data while performing examinations—reducing the need for administrative staff to enter the data later—not only saving time and money, but gaining efficiency and productivity.

Veterinary office and remote access

Tom and Debbie have a rapidly growing veterinary office—so busy, in fact, that they rarely have time to enter all their client data.

They contacted Sagacent Technologies to show them a way to become more productive.

Sagacent suggested two changes:

  • First, the elimination of double-data-entry. Two key systems required data to be entered into one and then keyed into the second too. This was inefficient and cost them additional payroll, just for data entry.
  • Second, Sagacent suggested a remote office connection from their home. This would allow them to quickly and securely access their office network from home, exactly as if they were in the office. This way, they could close out those pesky remaining daily tasks, and even work for an hour or two on weekends—all without the one-hour round trip to get to the office. An added benefit was when Tom and Debbie took a vacation a month later, they were able to remotely monitor the office’s activity and respond to their office e-mail from Hawaii!!

Small medical office and HIPAA compliance

While Michael and Debbie may know a great deal about medicine and their patients, they didn’t know much about securing their network and client data for HIPAA compliance.

Luckily for them, they turned to Sagacent Technologies for a HIPAA security assessment.

Sagacent was able to show them what simple changes were required to meet the new federal statutes. Sagacent implemented the changes, performed employee training, and now remotely monitors the small medical office for continued compliance.

The end result was the peace of mind of knowing that they were HIPAA compliant (where non-compliance can mean thousands of dollars in penalties and lost clients) and secure from both network hackers and unauthorized employee access.