In a rapidly changing digital world, IT support can be complex. This is particularly true in the healthcare industry. In addition to complex regulations about patient data and security, medical offices absolutely need reliability and instantaneous data transfers involving huge amounts of data. This may range from sharing high-resolution medical imaging to real-time telemedicine consults with patients and physicians.   

At the same time, technology is increasingly important in healthcare for its efficiency and ability to limit data-entry mistakes, along with other benefits. All of this means that medical care facilities need qualified IT services and support. IT services and support for medical technology can also protect your capital investment.  

Sagacent Technologies can deliver the reliability and security you need to deliver both excellent and secure patient care, the interoperability to function in todays connected healthcare environment, plus more efficiency for your practice.  

The Benefits of Sagacent Technologies Medical Office Support

Medical offices use a variety of specialized technologies, platforms, and tools to care for patients and keep operations running smoothly. The experts at Sagacent Technologies can navigate the complex world of medical IT infrastructure and platforms to achieve complete compliance with patient data regulations (HIPAA and HITECH) using:  

  • Medical coding software compliant with CPT, ICT-10, and HCPCS  
  • Digital medical transcription hardware and software  
  • Clinical imaging hardware and software  
  • Medical billing software  
  • Mobile health (mHealth) devices and connections   
  • Artificial intelligence applications for diagnostics and patient communication  
  • Managed IT services to assist your team with a continued focus on cybersecurity; including firewalls, virus, and malware protection  
  • Data backup to protect all patient and employee information, as well as critical applications  

We can complete an assessment to determine your software and hardware needs, then work to integrate them into your current system, while still keeping your medical office or healthcare clinic in compliance with all the necessary rules and regulations.  

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