IT Audits: Discover the Truth Behind Your Technology

In today’s digital world, businesses face ever-increasing IT challenges. These issues can be costly and damaging if they aren’t detected and corrected.

That’s why it’s so important to perform IT audits. IT audits can help you identify and address system errors and security vulnerabilities—ideally before it costs you too much time and money.

Sagacent Can Help You See

At Sagacent Technologies, we offer a variety of IT audit services, including:

  • Network audits: We assess the structure and configuration of your network infrastructure and can identify and address any security vulnerabilities.
  • Cybersecurity audits: Here, we explore your overall cybersecurity posture, across all of your physical systems as well as cloud infrastructure. With this knowledge, we can help you to develop a plan to improve your security.
  • Compliance audits: These ensure that your business is compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements you may be subject to, including:
    • National, state, and local directives on data privacy, cybersecurity, and more
    • Industry regulations like HIPAA, and PCI DSS

Using the Sagacent IT Audit Checklist  

Because IT reaches into nearly every part of a modern business from marketing with customer relationship management software and your website to automated billing systems, digital timekeeping systems, and inventory control, Sagacent audits cover these areas and more:  

  • Security : We’ll examine everything from physical security around sensitive data to application updates and patches and what antivirus software package you use.  Other essentials we look for include:  
    • Safe password practices  
    • Firewall installation  
    • Multifactor authentication  
    • Secure wireless onsite  
    • Database security features enabled  

These and other security best practices make your business a harder target.  

  • Regulatory compliance: As data security and online privacy become bigger and bigger issues, governments have passed increasingly stringent laws about them. For example, any business that does business with European customers must now comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Certain industries also face regulations targeted specifically at them like HIPAA for healthcare providers, or Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI DSS for financial organizations.  If your business or organization falls under one of these regulations, we check to see that your system meets all the requirements set out by the regulation.  
  • Data backups: Data backups serve as a defensive action as part of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. This allows you to get up and running again in a minimum amount of time.   A thorough review of data backups, as well as data backup procedures will make sure this works as planned. If you use an automated backup process, we review the automation process to ensure it works properly.  
  • Equipment: As your equipment ages, it grows less efficient and more error prone.  The typical replacement lifecycle for IT hardware runs approximately 3 to 5 years. Variables that affect the lifecycle include quality of the hardware at purchase, the intensity of use, and how much your business scales up over time.  Your IT audit will include an inventory of hardware that notes the age and overall performance demands of each piece of hardware. This information will keep you aware of when hardware nears the end of its lifecycle and assist in future resource planning.  
  • Vulnerability assessment: Although not all audits require it, we and our contracted partners are also equipped to evaluate your ability to resist hacking and network penetration.

Why Sagacent?

Our team of experienced IT auditors can help you ensure that your IT systems are configured correctly.

We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and develop a custom audit plan that’s tailored to your business.

Your audit will identify any shortcomings and offer suggestions on remediation steps. And our cybersecurity experts can help protect your business from cyberattacks.

Discover the Truth

Contact us today to schedule your IT audit. We’ll help you to understand what you need to correct and help resolve the issues.

At Sagacent, we perform what we call “second-opinion IT audits.” These audits are often required by cybersecurity compliance organizations that enforce IT standards in selected business segments that our customers compete in (manufacturing, financial service, engineering, healthcare, etc.)  

Many audits require multiple days of onsite investigation and system testing. Our reports give you details and diagrams of your IT network and end with a list of things we feel should be addressed, in order of urgency.