Does your organization have file cabinets taking up half your office? You wouldn’t keep all those files unless they were important. But this isn’t the most efficient way to keep them anymore.  

Manage Your Files Electronically  

Sagacent has a solution to handle your company’s information. We offer a comprehensive document-management solution to help you streamline your business and improve productivity.  

To ensure that only authorized individuals get access to specific files, from anywhere, on any device, our technicians will work hand in hand with you to tailor a solution structured to meet your organization’s specific needs.  

Boost Productivity  

This dedicated file system lets you manage all the vital information you use to plan, run, and maintain continuity to help boost productivity. Our solution integrates with many of today’s top database solutions to give you and your staff a user experience that will save everyone time.  

A well-organized file structure not only saves end users time, but significantly alleviates the hassle that comes along with digging through your network storage to find the version of the file you’re after.  

In addition, since your files are redundantly stored, you know the version you’re working on is the right version, every time.  

Get a Better Way To Manage Your Documents  

For more information about how a properly managed document management system can benefit your organization, contact us today.