We’re There When Your Technology Needs To Work

In today’s business world, having your computers and network performing properly isn’t really an option. Outages, or just slowdowns, can cost you productivity and even customers. Trying to repair them yourself means more lost time, and possibly unsatisfactory results.

Now you have a better option: Sagacent Technologies offers a wide range of computer and network repair services for businesses. Our team of experienced technicians is certified by leading technology manufacturers, and we have the skills and experience to repair any type of computer or network problem.

Computer Repair Services

With a wide range of computer repair services, we can handle:

  • Virus and malware removal: Remove viruses, malware, and other malicious software from your computer.
  • Data recovery: Recover lost or deleted data from your computer’s hard drive.
  • Hardware repair: Repair or replace any defective hardware in your computer; including the motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, and display.
  • Software repair: Diagnose and fix software problems, such as operating system errors, application crashes, and driver issues.

Network Repair Services

We are experienced in providing both local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) services, including:

  • Network troubleshooting: To diagnose and fix network problems such as slow performance, connectivity issues, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Network security: Secure your network from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.
  • Network cabling and wiring: Install and repair network cabling and wiring.
  • Network hardware repair: Any defective network hardware repaired or replaced; including routers, switches, and firewalls.

Related Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer a variety of other computer and network-related services, such as:

  • Computer and network installation: We can install and configure new computers and networks for businesses and individuals.
  • Computer and network maintenance: We can provide regular maintenance and support for your computers and networks to help prevent problems from occurring.
  • Computer and network training: We offer a variety of computer and network training courses for businesses and individuals.

Why Choose Services from Sagacent?

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality computer and network repair services available. We understand that your computer and network are essential to your business, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your technology by providing:

  • Expertise: Our team of technicians is certified by leading technology manufacturers, and we have the skills and experience to repair any type of computer or network problem.
  • Responsiveness: We are proud of our reputation for being a responsive and reliable computer and network repair service provider. We are here to help you when you need us most with:
    • 24/7 emergency repair service for businesses and individuals
    • Same-day or next-day repairs for most problems
    • Regular updates on the status of your repairs
    • The most affordable and convenient solutions to your problems
  • Convenience: With a variety of convenient service options; including on-site service, remote service, and mail-in service.
  • Affordability: Rates for our services are competitive, and we accept a variety of payment methods.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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