Server virtualization uses software to divide a physical server into multiple compartments, or virtual servers. Each virtual server can run a unique operating system and applications without interfering with operations of other virtual servers. 

 This provides you with a number of benefits: 

  • Higher server uptime and reliability 
  • Cheaper operating costs 
  • Reduced equipment costs 
  • Lower support costs 
  • Increased application performance 
  • Faster workload deployment 

Though it’s done a different way, desktop virtualization works on the same theory. End users actually perform their work on lower-cost terminals rather than on desktop computers that are expensive to purchase and even more costly to maintain. Terminals don’t require normal computer maintenance and last a very long time, so the savings can be significant. You can also reduce software licensing costs because all the applications are on a server. This also gives you much faster desktop re-generations should a problem occur with a virtual desktop session. 

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