Leadership Biographies

Ed Correia
President & CEO
Sagacent Technologies, Inc.

Our Founder, Ed Correia

In my career in technology, a lot has changed. Y2K and 9/11 transformed the way companies thought about business continuity. Machine learning, digital data centers, and the rise of cyberthreats changed the way we think about business security and the role of effective IT management. And all sizes and types of business have now become digital businesses.

Over that time, I’ve drawn on my career experience to help each of my customers navigate these massive transformations. Today, that experience allows me to work with my customers in a wide variety of industries to help them overcome the challenges they have as an organization, and reach the goals they want to achieve.

Because one thing hasn’t changed: change. It will always be with us. And the team I’ve built at Sagacent Technologies is committed to making it work for you.

Dave Frieberg
Service Operations Manager

Service Operations Manager, Dave Frieberg

As Service Operations Manager, Dave Frieberg oversees the service side of Sagacent’s business, making sure his team has the resources and tools they need to do great work for customers, and so the company can continue to grow.

Dave joined the leadership team in 2021 after 20 years’ experience in multiple IT environments—moving from systems/network administration to procurement and team growth, to cybersecurity, data integrity, and project-management lifecycle and workflows.

Dave brings both experience and passion to Sagacent’s mission of being the best, most empathic partner to its clients—always exhibiting the highest degree of integrity, collaboration, and expertise. His team prides itself on prompt acknowledgement of issues, actively listening to what clients are saying, and doing their best to meet end goals through responsive services and strong partnerships that flourish over time.

Maurice Unglik
Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager, Maurice Unglik

As an experienced client-services professional, with both a business and technical background spanning 18 years, Maurice Unglik is passionate about finding the best ways to apply technology to business objectives and outcomes.

A previous company owner in the IT Managed Service market, he is well attuned to the ways in which small and medium-sized businesses can effectively leverage a strategic technology partner to help them meet and overcome today’s IT challenges.

Maurice received a Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) degree from RMIT University in Australia in 2005 and has since earned a number of certifications including ITIL v.3, Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt), and Project Management Practices from UC Berkeley Extension.

Carl Oosterman
Accounting and HR Manager

Accounting and HR Manager Carl Oosterman

Coming to Sagacent in December 2021 with extensive finance, leadership, and program-management experience; Carl Oosterman heads up Sagacent’s Accounting and HR functions.

In his accounting role, he provides the data, forecast models, and guidance the company needs to make the best possible decisions—helping to rise above unexpected challenges and driving growth.

In his HR role, Carl supports Sagacent’s human capital by championing the company’s values and culture; nurturing communications and collaboration skills in individuals and teams; and helping staff members work together, solve problems, build relationships, and communicate effectively across various projects and customer engagements. Carl has a Bachelor of Science from San Jose State University.

Chad Erickson
Product Manager

Product Manager, Chad Erickson

As Product Manager, Chad Erickson is responsible for overseeing Sagacent’s product procurement process. In this role, he also helps tie purchasing, pricing, and financials together from a technology, finance, analytics, and customer perspective.

Chad joined the company in January of 2020 after 20 years at Data 911, where he started as a hardware tech and then moved up from there—growing professionally and taking on ever larger challenges.

During his time at Sagacent, Chad has introduced data analytics—taking different data sources and categories (accounting, marketing/sales, ticketing) and bringing them together to create integrated reports that measure quarterly performance and KPIs. He has also implemented internal systems that have tightened margins and streamlined the revenue-recognition process, increasing Sagacent’s efficiency.

Chad is big on documentation, so he has documented what he does and how he does it, with all departments now following his lead. And, as Sagacent has become a work-from-home company, Chad has championed ways for the Sagacent team to stay connected—nurturing a culture of sharing, celebrating successes, and cheering each other on.