Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

  • Am I prepared to face a cyber attack?
  • How fast could I recover from a cyber attack?
  • Am I compromised now?

How it Happens

8 Way Hackers Attack Small Businesses
cyber threats
Cyber security has grown to the number one technology priority and if you haven’t heard of it, researched it, or made it part of your business plan you should. Today’s business reach has expanded worldwide which allows for thousands of entry points in and out of companies for bad tech to get in. The growing number of access points to companies and individuals means our once safe information and systems are now wide open to thousands of attacks.

Cyber Threats

What has been traditionally been approached as a part of how to recover if A, B or C happens and in the past was easy to recover from, is not a real threat to every component of a company’s infrastructure. The truth is that network security used to be able to cover most threats, but not anymore. Do you know how vulnerable your systems are?

A business can’t ignore cyber threats or prep their cyber security. Threats change every day, sometimes hundreds of times a day. Threats can be targeted, nondiscriminatory and even hidden. Cyber attacks used to be something as small as a virus, but has now grown into an infrastructure and economic destabilizing threat. A threat that is ever changing and profitable for the bad guys. Whether it is stealing information, system specific targets, mobile devices and even networks, not having a cyber security plan in place could have huge impacts. Don’t wait for the hammer to fall, be prepared and ready for anything

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