• Evaluation of IT controls
  • IT policies & procedure
  • IT vendor selection
  • Business continuity audit


At Sagacent we consider audits and assessments as a way to confirm whether your organization is following the best practices for data compliance, security, business continuity and cyber safety. Depending on your requirements, our team will ask CIOs, CTOs, IT Administrators etc. a series of questions over the course of an assessment to determine where you stand. To get a quick insight to where you might be, take our assessment below.

IT Audits

An IT Audit typically evaluates and reports upon the procedures and control environment around the IT systems in place within an enterprise with a view to achieving more effective management of the risks to which the entity is exposed. The critical ingredients involved in planning an IT Audit are an overall appreciation for the IT environment, a solid understanding of the risks and the experience to offer the resources to get a company to where they need to be in order to be both functional and compliant.

About Sagacent Technologies:

Founded and Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Sagacent is a leading technology solution provider to small and mid-sized businesses offering our customers a full range of solutions including:

  • Technology Management Services – Contract-based business support
  • Infrastructure Support Services – As-needed support, when you need it most
  • Audits & Assessments – Of security, networking and regulatory compliance concerns
  • Strategic Technology Consulting – Planning, budgeting, and strategy
  • Solution Development Services – Network design, custom database development in Access & SQL