What is cloud computing?

Simply put, cloud computing allows you to store files, programs, applications, or even servers in a remote location that you can access through the internet.

How does this benefit you?

Ever have the intention of working on a project from home, but realize when you get there that you left your flash drive with the files you need at work? Or your PC at home doesn’t have the program you need to work on it? What happens if your server fails and you lose everything you ever worked on, or a power outage prevents you from even working at the office? How do you continue business and recover from that? The answer is cloud computing! With the ability to access everything you need remotely, you eliminate the barrier between physical location and access to your files, software, email, and applications.

Why use Sagacent’s cloud services?

Our enormous range of cloud hosting capabilities allows the flexibility to accommodate the needs of virtually any size business, without a huge hit on your wallet. Also, our 20 years of experience enables us to know what is, and isn’t, going to work for you, while ensuring whatever cloud computing services you choose are installed, monitored, and maintained properly.

How much does cloud computing cost?

That depends on the needs and regulations of your business. Some industry standards require you to store data on a dedicated server in a private cage and internet connection, while others are less stringent. Overall, using Sagacent for your cloud computing needs is more secure and cost effective than an in-house hosting solution. The best way to know is to have us do a free assessment and present you with options.

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