If you need more flexibility in your IT support, Sagacent Technologies offers a wide range of computer and network support on a convenient time-and-materials basis, without need for a contract.  

You can call on us to help you with the installation, configuration, or repair of:  

  • Computers  
  • Laptops  
  • Servers  
  • Software  

We can also help you set up and maintain:  

  • Virus removal  
  • Server clusters or virtualization   
  • Data and application backup  
  • Data recovery  
  • Databases  
  • Secure networks  

For Real Business Benefits  

Using Sagacent Technologies to take care of your IT support needs can offer these and other business benefits:  

  • Saving time and money—Security breaches, network errors, data recovery, and virus prevention can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. Having professionals address these problems minimizes downtime and is generally a more cost-effective solution. It also lets you get back to what you do best—running your business successfully.   
  • Maximizing efficiencies—By maximizing your network design, plus implementing the right workplace communication tools and platforms, your staff can get more work done faster.   
  • Safeguarding information—Data breaches are incredibly costly in financial terms, but they also impact customer confidence. Working with Sagacent Technologies, your network will be configured correctly, updated regularly, and will have the tools necessary to minimize your risk of a data breach.  
  • Getting everything you need—Sagacent Technologies can provide support for all your IT needs—from network design and implementation to user desktop support. So you have one company that knows all the details of your unique digital environment.   

See How We Can Meet Your Needs  

Contact us today to learn about our full range of services, and to get an estimate.