Managed IT services and support

Managing your IT resources is critical to the success of your business; and to avoiding unplanned expenses, efficiency blocks, or data loss. But not every organization has the resources to manage it all themselves. That’s where managed or co-managed services come into play.  

What are managed IT services? 

This is an information technology (IT) service provided by a third-party contractor like Sagacent Technologies. Because this is our business, we’re able to provide a number of business benefits:  

  • Complete services—With managed or co-managed services from Sagacent, you get management, maintenance, monitoring, support, and security for your IT infrastructure.   
  • A proactive approach—We monitor multiple aspects of your IT infrastructure (servers, computers, network etc..) and prevent the failures before they occur.  
  • A flat-rate fee with no surprise costs—We handle most services remotely, but we can dispatch a technician or if you need a hardware upgrade, we can supply hardware to you and install it at no additional fees. And your whole team can contact our help desk whenever they need support.  
  • Customized services—Whether you have in-house IT services and need to supplement them with co-managed services, or need full IT support with managed services, you can benefit from the experience and expertise of the Sagacent team.  

What managed IT services does Sagacent offer?

  • IT support help desk: Get the skilled technical support you need without hiring a full team of computer support experts. Our technical support helps your IT infrastructure work at optimal levels.  
  • Worry-free IT: Rely on us to help protect proprietary data, customer databases, and keep technology up and running, no matter what. We have 3 different support plans that let you to choose the right one for your business needs.  
  • Data backup: In the event of the unexpected, our data backup and recovery services can get you back up and running within minutes. This prevents downtime and the cost to reproduce any files that were lost.   
  • Hardware as a service: For an affordable monthly payment, Sagacent provides you with all the devices you need to run your business. We refresh them before they become obsolete. If any piece ever fails, we simply replace it at no additional expense.  
  • Network security: All Sagacent clients have security managed by a globally recognized security framework. This could either be CIS version 8, or one that’s specific to your industry. We then remotely manage your network security in a centralized location.   
  • Hosted servers: Host your server and other critical computing in our reliable and expertly-managed data center.   
  • Hosted email/Exchange: Hosted your email on our servers for lower cost, security, and access anywhere.  
  • Virtualize computer hardware: Server virtualization uses software to divide a physical server into multiple compartments, or virtual servers. Each virtual server can run a unique operating system and applications without interfering with operations of other virtual servers.  
  • Microsoft Office 365: Sagacent is proud to offer the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite. Per-user, monthly billing—rather than the traditional per-machine rate—significantly reduces the amount your organization has to spend to get the same productivity suite you’re used to.  

Contact Sagacent today  

See how our services can help you with a:  

  • Free network assessment for a comprehensive analysis to identify network issues and measures to rectify them.  
  • Free 1-hour consultation that shows how to improve the overall design and capabilities of your network.  
  • Free security assessment to assess security risks for critical assets.