24-hour network support and monitoring  

If you’re using a standard point-of-service security solution, you know how difficult it is to implement, update, and manage. In fact, you might be looking for a new security solution just to reduce your overhead costs. An easy way to solve all of your security problems is to implement unified threat management (UTM).  

A UTM solution from Sagacent combines all the basic IT security measures into one single device. With this solution, you can easily manage your network security in a centralized location.   

How does UTM prevent security threats?  

One of the reasons intrusions happen is because security software is out of date. Security companies do a good job of keeping pace with hackers, but if you don’t promptly apply applicable patches, you leave your entire IT infrastructure at risk. With a UTM solution from Sagacent, your security will be updated from one centralized location, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to update all your devices.  

UTM will give you full content control  

Studies show that the average employee wastes around two hours of company time per day on personal Internet use. A UTM solution will allow you to block access to non-work-related sites:  

  • Job searches  
  • Social media  
  • Microblogging  
  • Video streaming  
  • Any other site that can sap productivity  

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