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Don’t Let Cybercriminals Ruin Your National Nonprofit Day!

Earlier this year, People Inc. suffered a data breach which exposed up to 1,000 clients sensitive personal and medical information. People Inc is one of New York’s biggest nonprofit organizations serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities among other things.

You may be wondering how a huge organization that generates over $150 million in revenue could suffer a breach like this. The answer is simple: one compromised employee email. That’s it, that’s all it took.

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting nonprofits of all sizes, not necessarily for money, but information. Cybercriminals specifically search for sensitive information for clients, employees, and donors. Once stolen, this information can be used for anything. It could be used as a starting point to gain further information on individuals or even sold.

Methods of Data Breaches
Methods of Data Breaches
Nonprofits do not typically prepare for an event like this thus becoming a victim of a cyberattack could cause substantial damage. Consequences can include but are not limited to the following:

  • A data breach can result in an organization’s ability to receive donations.
  • Nonprofit status can be revoked temporarily.
  • More importantly a breach can cause substantial hit to the organization’s reputation.
  • Additionally the nonprofit’s programs can be stalled or suspended indefinitely while the organization recovers.
As a result of the high expense of staffing an internal IT department, many nonprofits opt to try to manage their IT themselves or maybe just hire a single person. While this seems to be most economical decision, many nonprofits overlook the benefits of using a managed service provider, or MSP, to manage their IT needs. Many MSP’s provide low cost options that help lessen the burden of the whole IT load on the organization.

At Sagacent Technologies, this is far from the case. Sagacent services are geared to allow clients to focus more about growing their business or programs. Clients of Sagacent Technologies receive 24/7 monitoring of their network and computer systems as well as proactive solutions to increase business continuity.

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