Managed IT Services/Solutions and Strategic Technology Consulting

At Sagacent Technologies, we take your computer technology needs very seriously.

Our technicians are trained to resolve your IT issues and prevent them wherever possible. They are also continually pursuing the latest in technical certifications and training so that we maintain our cutting-edge knowledge and superior business value for you.

With our trained consulting and strong project management staff, Sagacent Technologies delivers increased efficiency, productivity and security to our clients with our highly professional people, depth of technology knowledge, and project management experience.

Our expertise lies primarily in the following areas:

Are you looking for remote work solutions? Our team’s expertise can assist your company to transition to take advantage of today’s technology to facilitate remote work situations. Our extensive knowledge in IT management means we can help you to find the right technology to fit your needs and provide a foundation to build on in the future. Plus, with our remote support and managed IT services, we can handle a variety of issues without visiting your office, making it easy to maintain social distancing recommendations that are such an integral part of the world today.

Do your remote staff members need assistance with remote connectivity and mobility solutions? Is your IT department feeling overwhelmed? Our team is ready to provide not only managed IT services, but we offer Help Desk Support to make sure your employees can stay on task, instead of being sidelined by technology issues. Take back productivity and save money with IT solutions curtailed to your needs.

Data protection and backups are even more critical now than ever. Avoiding potential data breaches or data loss has become crucial with ongoing cyber security and malware infections. With our knowledgeable staff, we can provide strategic technology consulting to find the right solution to fit the demands of your business, both now and into the future. Along with planning for data protection, we can also assist you in building a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that takes into account any type of disaster that impacts your business.

Have your wondered about cloud solutions but aren’t sure what that entails. Cloud solutions  allow your business to quickly relocate and resume operations with minimal impact on your customers by being available anywhere. Many of our clients have found that their disaster recovery plans have made them rethink how their business operates, including their reliance on servers located within their business’ primary location. With that in mind, you might be considering server and desktop virtualization as an option to transition your business away from excessive reliance on your own servers. Working with our team, we can guide you to the right technology to meet your needs as you transition to cloud services with the right data protection strategies in place. Using our free network assessment, you can use the information to assist in building your strategic plan for your business and prioritizing the IT areas that need your attention right away.

With data security requirements increasing in many industries, we have increased our capacity to address the needs of several industries, including healthcare. Today, we can assist your medical practice in putting the protections in place to allow your staff to give the best patient care, while still maintaining HIPPA requirements. Although this is just one industry, our team is ready to provide the experience and tools to protect your clients and your business.

Perhaps you are not sure what direction your business needs to head regarding its IT and technology. Keep in mind, the right technology and security can promote business growth. Don’t limit your businesses potential. With that in mind, we have provided multiple businesses with a technology audit and a data security assessment of their current technology and detailed where improvements could be made to bolster data security and efficiencies. Maximize your business potential by implementing resources that will allow it to scale.

To schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can assist you, call to schedule an appointment or complete our easy to access form to book your free consultation.