Our Bay Area Managed IT Services Can Help Protect Your Customer’s Data

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bay area managed it servicesThe average cost for security breaches has climbed to $4 million for each incident. More Americans are worried more about data privacy than losing their primary income, even though less than 1/3 of them understood how companies use their information.

Bay Area managed IT services can help with this issue. They take the burden of IT management off your shoulders, helping to protect your customers’ data.

Many businesses need to collect and retain customer data and information. A managed IT service can help you do this effectively and safely.

Read our guide to understand what Bay Area managed IT services are, how they work with customer data, and why you need one.

What Are Bay Area Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are IT or information technology services provided by a third-party contractor to a customer. For a monthly fee, the user no longer has to worry about the upkeep of their devices.

Bay Area managed IT services provide these useful services for the Bay Area of California in the United States.

There are common services that most managed IT companies provide. The most common is remote monitoring and management to keep devices safe. Managed security services and cloud options are other common options.

It is also important to know how much Bay Area management IT services will cost you. The three main pricing models are per-device, per-user, and all-inclusive.

The per-device model is best for users who only have one device, while the per-user is best for multiple devices. All-inclusive establishes one flat fee for all managed IT services.

Learn more about what managed IT services are here.

Customer Data and Customer Information

Before knowing how to protect customer data and information, it is important to understand what they are.

Customer information is any information provided on a customer application or received from a third party. This information includes names, addresses, birthdays, and more.

Customer data is freely provided by customers as they use your business’ website. They do this through surveys, social media, and other data collection methods.

Before collecting data, it is important to understand the differences between different types of companies, especially the distinctions between public vs. private.

Private companies are held under private ownership. Private companies’ information is just as important to collect and protect for any business that works with them.

How to Collect and Use Data

Collecting and analyzing data leads to a variety of benefits. These include better marketing targeting, as well as increased brand loyalty and sales.

There are several ways to collect customer data. Examples include analytics, social media, tracking pixels, feedback, surveys, and customer service software.

There are also various types of data to collect. These include personal data, non-personally identifiable information, engagement data, and behavioral data.

Analyzing customer data is an important step that can provide a variety of benefits to your business. It helps you keep an up-to-date picture of who your customers are and what they want and need so you can best serve them.

How to Protect Data

While Bay Area managed IT services help in the data protection services, it is also important that you take steps to keep sensitive information safe. There are various methods of business data protection.

One of the best protection methods is the encryption of all customer data. This process keeps it from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. It is a necessary step whether you handle data storage yourself or have a third party do it.

There are also other data protection methods to be aware of.

Know what data you are collecting and where it is stored. Once you have a full inventory, protect every piece of data and information your business collects through methods like encryption. Do not collect more data than you need or use sensitive information, such as social security numbers unnecessarily.

Have a strong privacy policy that every employee and customer know about. Use firewalls, antivirus programs, and other useful pieces of software to keep your systems and your customers’ data safe.

Educating employees is only one step in keeping data safe. It is also important to let customers know how they can help protect their own data.

Let them know about the importance of creating strong passwords. Tell them to avoid direct deposits into online sellers’ accounts and to be cautious when opening email links. This information will make them less prone to cyber-attacks and help keep their data safe.

For more tips, check out our 5 causes of data loss and data loss prevention steps.

How Bay Area Managed IT Services Can Help

Managed IT services can help businesses in a variety of ways.

First of all, these businesses remove the IT burden from you. Find out more about how this can save a business time to focus on more important tasks.

Also, it is best to find a local provider. This local provider makes it easier to get in touch with them if any issues arise, so anyone who lives in the Bay Area should consider a Bay Area managed IT service.

Managed IT services are full of professionals. They can solve any IT problems, such as data breaches or broken systems faster and more effectively than doing it yourself, allowing you to return to business as usual sooner.

Managed IT services also give you a consistent picture of how your company’s technology is functioning. Constant monitoring allows for spotting issues the moment they occur so they can be fixed as quickly as possible.

For more information on how Bay Area managed IT services can help you, read more on how they can improve your internal processes and save you money.

Where to Find the Best Bay Area Managed IT Services

Bay Area managed IT services are an affordable, effective way to keep an eye on all of your devices and systems at once. They help monitor and secure important information, like sensitive customer data.

With data breaches on the rise, it is more important than ever to keep customer data safe and secure. Your business needs a sidekick in the fight against hackers and security issues.

We provide IT services for businesses throughout the Bay Area. Browse our managed IT solutions and contact us for more information today.

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