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Cybersecurity Webinar with the DHS on November 17th!

Cybersecurity Webinar with the DHS

While most businesses have a plan (or they should, at least!) to get back on their feet if they ever fall victim to a cyberattack, many do not take a proactive role in preventing one! The DHS specializes in this field, and we have teamed up with one of their best Cyber Security Advisors to help us brief businesses in our community!

Below is a brief video introduction to this webinar from President and Founder of Sagacent Technologies, Ed Correia.

Please click above to play the video. If you are having trouble playing the video, please use: http://vid.us/qevpfc


The Details:
US Department of Homeland Security

Experts at the Federal government are the first to learn about new waves of cyber crime sweeping across America. The folks at the DHS are tasked with stopping cyber crime before it starts. Specifically, DHS Cyber Security Advisors work with company and industry leaders to develop and spread cybersecurity best practices.

This is why we have lined up Mike Lettman, Cyber Security Advisor from the DHS to help us brief the business community.

On this exclusive webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The current threat landscape as we head into 2021
  • New cyber security realities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Emerging security challenges from the massive growth in work from home
  • Real world examples of security threat incidents, attacks and breaches
  • How to prepare and defend your firm, employees, and operations

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