The Most Dangerous Websites on the Internet: 4 Sites You Should Avoid like the Plague

dangerous websites

dangerous websites55% of the world’s population has access to the Internet. While the Internet can bring us great things, it can also be the harbinger of destruction.

Dangerous websites exist on the Internet, which can wreak havoc to your home or business in more ways than one. In this article, we will go over a small portion of websites you should never visit.

Before you read on, we recommend that you back up your data in case an employee or family member accidentally browses one of these no-go zones.

1. Explicit Websites

78.1 million people per day visit explicit sites, and there are millions of people on them at once. While most people look at them here and there, you should be mindful of which ones you click on and browse. Many of them are infected with malware, knowing that plenty of unsuspecting customers are going to click on it by virtue of the promised content.

This malware could erase all of the data on your computer, infect your PC, or make you a victim of a ransomware attack. Make it a strict policy for your employees never to visit one on a company workstation (though they should know better) and to avoid them at home.

2. Email Attachments from People You Do Not Know

Email attachments alone can be infected with viruses that can do all sorts of damage to your computer. Because of that, do not ever download anything from someone you do not know, and proceed with caution if you receive an email that looks suspicious from someone you do know. Email addresses and address books can get hacked, which will allow hackers to send emails to everyone on your acquaintance’s list.

If your company accepts unsolicited emails from potential clients or the public, make sure they paste all materials in the body of the emails.

3. Video Downloading Sites

Dying to watch the latest Oscar buzz flicks but they’re not out to purchase legitimately yet? You might find yourself going down a rabbit hole trying to find a link where you can watch the film for free.

Many of these sites offer links to click, and they are likely not legitimate. Instead, their sole purpose is to infect your computer with malware or download your data.

You are better off waiting for the DVD version, or until it hits Netflix.

4. Websites that Are Too Good to Be True

Does the website, which you are about to click on, offer you authentic Gucci handbags for $5? Does it offer you free access to cable television? Will it give you the newest book in a series for free in a PDF file?

You’ve heard the old saying that, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The same applies to websites. If it looks too good to be true, you have probably stumbled upon a dangerous website.

Protecting Yourself from Dangerous Websites

The best way to protect yourself from dangerous websites is to know how to detect them so that you don’t click on them. Having a strong IT support system, complete with professionals who know how to keep your computers protected, is also a fantastic idea.

If you’re interested in keeping your data safe, contact us today to see what we can do for your home or business.

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