Why Legal Professionals Are at Risk Without Data Backup

data backup for legal professionals

data backup for legal professionalsThe most egregious error any lawyer or legal professional can make is failing to have a data backup. Last year, there were more than 1,500 data breaches. These breaches led to the exposure of more than 178 million records. Thus far, this year that number is at 668 data breaches and 22 million exposed records.

Other causes of data loss include theft, hard drive damages, and power failure. Hurricanes and other natural disasters may also destroy your data. In other cases, it is all about fires and accidental liquid spillage.

According to the FBI, billions of dollars are lost each year due to computer intrusions. Threats can come from keyloggers, viruses, and ransomware. Even so, a bigger cost to lawyers would be the loss of their clients’ records.

Here are several reasons why legal professionals are at risk without data backup storage.

1. Losing Clients and Revenue

First, you risk losing your clients if they discover you were careless with their personal details. The legal field requires openness about sensitive information. Thus, losing it risks exposing their affairs to public scrutiny.

In turn, this will lead to a loss of revenue because of lost clients. You will find it hard to get recommendations as well.

2. Damaged Reputation

Word getting out about your data loss can damage your reputation. No client will be comfortable working with you due to trust issues. Moreover, it will damage your brand and your standing among your peers.

3. Prevent Case Losses

It is one thing to lose your files but another to lose an important case due to data loss. Without backup data storage, you may end up without your most important evidence. This loss will hurt your client’s chances of winning the case or getting paid damages.

4. Mitigate Identity Theft

All your files have extensive details that are lucrative to criminals. They can use it for identity theft and make your client the victim of another crime. It may also lead to financial losses from credit card fraud.

This theft may end up damaging your clients’ credit card scores. As a result, they will struggle to get loans from banks for their mortgages or other investments. It will put you at risk for lawsuits as the reason for the breach.

With a reliable backup, you will be able to spot what is missing from your files. This process helps you prepare your client for any fallout from a data breach. It may even allow you to get a gag order on the media in case someone leaks the files to them.

5. Avoid Lawsuits and Get Insured

Last, data backup tools are useful when getting insurance coverage. Your insurer will know you have taken enough steps to secure your business. This process reduces your premiums and ensures you have coverage for liabilities.

Plus, data backup will help you avoid lawsuits from cases lost due to negligence. In a worst-case scenario, it can protect you from being disbarred.

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From the points above, you can see why legal professionals must back up their data. It will save you from messy lawsuits, a damaged reputation, and case losses. Moreover, it will ensure you do not lose your clients and your source of revenue.

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