Stay Secure: Why Your Business Needs a Digital Surveillance System

digital surveillance system

digital surveillance systemTry to search “security tips for businesses.” You will see that the top results focus on cybersecurity.

It is not surprising at all. After all, companies lose more than $525 million every year due to cybercrimes.

Now, if you have invested in a strong cybersecurity solution, great. Still, your security plan should also include physical security strategies.

That said, here is how a digital surveillance system improves your physical security. We will also talk about how the right system can help your company’s bottom line.

The Right Digital Surveillance System: A Must for Physical Security

While cybersecurity focuses on your online assets, physical security covers your physical assets. These include your property, hardware, personnel, and so on.

Access control, testing, and surveillance are the 3 most important components of physical security. Locks, access control cards, and biometric authentication are all examples of access control measures.

Testing covers disaster recovery procedures. Perfecting these procedures will help your company bounce back faster when disaster strikes.

Last is surveillance. It is important to track all physical locations for the following reasons:

Reduce Theft and Vandalism

Business surveillance systems act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals. They also help prevent internal physical threats, such as employee theft. Employees would think twice before doing anything if there are cameras everywhere.

Prevent Violence and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What can prove the claims of an employee who complains of sexual harassment or violence? Aside from his or her testimony, digital security camera footage can help.

Let’s say it did not stop an employee or an outsider from committing such acts. It does not mean they are in the clear. If there is a video of their crimes, it becomes easier to prosecute them.

Cut Down on Accidents

Manufacturing companies that deal with dangerous chemicals have work areas considered high-risk. A surveillance solution would guarantee constant monitoring of those areas.

This monitoring reduces the number of people you need to watch over those places. It also cuts down the risk that they will get into an accident.

Other Benefits of Digital Surveillance

Digital surveillance systems do not only maintain the physical security of businesses. They also help improve productivity and increase profits.

Through remote monitoring, managers can see which employees are staying on task. They will also know which ones are taking frequent breaks or browsing the net all day long.

Owners can also review footages during slow business days to help them spot trends. They can then brainstorm ideas on how to bring in more traffic. All these can help streamline day-to-day operations and improve a business’ bottom line.

Looking for the Right Surveillance System?

Finding a digital surveillance system is easy. Getting the right one is trickier, with so many options available in the market today.

We can help. Our security cameras use state of the art technology. You will get high resolutions, built-in analytics, remote monitoring, and more.

You can also email us at support@sagacent.com or leave us a message through this form. For more security tips and advice, do not forget to check out the rest of our blog.

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