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Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Policy?

Sagacent Disaster Recovery

Sagacent Disaster Recovery Between hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and blizzards, the weather in this country can get destructive. It’s estimated that extreme weather events are going to become more common, so people and businesses need to be prepared.

A lot of people focus on making sure their homes are protected against natural disasters. Far too many people forget about protecting their businesses.


Why Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Policy

A disaster recovery policy is essential for businesses of every size. You never know when natural disasters will occur, and as a business owner, you need to be ready for anything.

In today’s business world, data is everything. Think about the amount of sensitive client data you have stored in-house. Now imagine losing client contact information, billing info, and project notes during a disaster.

You may not think that you need a disaster recovery policy, but that policy could mean the difference between rebuilding and closing shop after an emergency.

Still not convinced that you need a special insurance policy for disaster recovery? After you read this post, you’ll be eager to have a policy of your own.

Insurance Can’t Handle Your Losses

You may have an insurance policy for your business, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be protected. Many business insurance policies are designed to cover physical losses, but assisting with data loss isn’t their forte.

A business insurance company isn’t going to be able to back up your data or host it offsite. A company that specializes in disaster data recovery will be able to fulfill your most important tech needs.

Machines Can Fail

You may have a lot of faith in your servers and equipment. Everything is password protected, and you make sure to have the most up to date computers and servers.

Having sophisticated equipment doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof. Machines and computers can make mistakes all the time. Your own internal system can fail when you need it the most.

Having a disaster recovery policy will ensure that you have a backup in case anything goes wrong internally. You’ll have plan B so you can access crucial client data whenever you need to.

A Policy Can Protect Important Data From Hackers

You may not think that too many people, aside from employees, have an interest in what you’re storing, but plenty of hackers do.
In the past only large conglomerates had to worry about hackers, now nearly 14 million US businesses have their critical data at risk.
Imagine coming into work and discovering that your clients’ credit card info and employees’ social security numbers have been hacked. All it takes to put client data and your company’s finances at risk is one person getting into your system.

You can get a recovery policy that can look at your current system and recommend improvements. They can help make your data safer and your company’s cyber security stronger.

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