Preventing Hacked Passwords: How to Create a Hack-Proof Password

how to create hacked passwords

how to create hacked passwordsYour password is the very aspect that separates your private information from other people.

Some of this information is sensitive, such as your bank account information. Other pieces of information are not as sensitive, such as your social media accounts.

However, too many people fail to create powerful passwords. It is understandable why. You tend to forget passwords and are tired of creating new ones so you settle for a simple password.

These simple passwords, however, can easily be compromised by hackers who can exploit your information and steal your identity.

If you want to prevent hacked passwords, here is how to create a fool-proof password.

Never Use Your Personal Information

One of the easiest ways for hackers to compromise your password is for them to figure out your basic information. This information includes your birthday or address.

Since this information is never forgotten, people tend to use this data as their password.

When choosing a password, never make your personal information. Even something basic, such as a pet name, can be a target for hackers.

Here is a list of information that should never be used as a password:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Social security number
  • Birthday
  • Your name
  • Family members’ names
  • Pet names

What information can you include as part of your password? This should not be anything that is easily found or commonly known facts about you, such as your favorite color, movie or song. Think outside the box and use one that will be harder to hack. Keep reading for helpful ideas.

Use a Combination of Symbols

Do you notice websites have specific standards for password creation?

Most websites require you to use a symbol. These symbols add ten more symbol variations as opposed to letters and numbers. This requirement makes your password stronger and harder to hack.

If you sign up for an account and notice the website does not require a symbol, then use one anyway.

Here are the symbols you can use: !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, and ). Use one or more of these for every password.

Never Use Common Passwords

When most people cannot think of a password, they usually use a common one that everyone uses. These include “12345,” “ABCDE” or “password.” These are just some of the worst passwords you can use. Common passwords are the first ones that hackers try and use.

Figuring out a unique password is worth the mental energy.

Use Long Passwords

Most websites require your password length be eight characters. You should always use a longer password than what the website requires. The more characters a password contains, the more difficult it is to hack.

Avoid making your password simply a long word. Mix it up with capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

For example, a hacker can easily guess your password if it’s just “imagination.” However, a hacker will have a hard time guessing “i*mAg8iNa%t8iOn.”

Use These Tips and Prevent Hacked Passwords

A password is a barrier between account protection and a hacked account.

A simple password can easily become a hacked password. Use these tips to create complicated login details. Remember to always use long passwords with different symbols and do not include your personal information.

Check out our previous blog on when to change your passwords for further information.

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