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Helping Your Business Grow with Managed IT Services

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Any small business owner recognizes that as the business grows, you must make key strategic decisions to help you better allocate resources to support long-term growth and success. However, it’s not always easy to know the best path forward.

IT audits can help your business grow in multiple ways as they help you identify inefficiencies and minimize risk.

There are multiple types of audits that can help your business grow, including:

Managed IT Audit

This assessment allows an experienced group of IT professionals to evaluate your IT systems. They can look at servers, software, and cybersecurity and create a mix of services and products that meet your organization’s needs. As a result, you can feel confident about selecting the right options to ensure your team has the best resources at their disposal when working.

 A managed IT audit can tell you what works best for your business, letting you make better, more informed business decisions. In addition, this benefit frees up your time to grow your business by focusing on other aspects of your business, such as finance, operations, sales, or client services. And when you partner with the right managed IT service provider, there is no need to worry about not having the support you need since many of them are available any time, day or night. These service providers often also offer remote or emergency responses, security monitoring, and incident support.

Data Recovery/Business Continuity Audit

A data recovery audit involves having an IT professional look at your current data recovery knowledge, plans, and resources. It can assess your data backup options and cybersecurity measures. In addition, you will know the potential weaknesses in your data recovery plan and system. As a result, you can ensure your business gets prepared with the best data recovery option.

Once you know where the weaknesses lie, you can begin working with IT professionals to identify solutions for your weaknesses. These professionals can also provide information about your future needs based on your anticipated growth, which can be a key step in planning for your company’s growth.

IT Audit Assessment

Planning for the next stage of growth for your business is exciting. But you will want to know what to expect regarding your current IT resources and anticipated needs as you grow. This information is vital in helping you develop future budgeting needs and planning for new infrastructure or services. An IT Audit Assessment walks through your current IT assets and helps you determine areas where you need to invest and areas with future growth opportunities.

These assessments also help identify weaknesses in your system that could make them security vulnerabilities and components of your IT setup that require upgrades. This audit allows you to understand better how you must change and upgrade your systems to keep pace with increased business as your company grows.

Cybersecurity Assessment

While cybersecurity is often a component in other IT audits, this assessment takes a closer look at your data security measures. This assessment allows IT professionals to identify weaknesses in your cybersecurity and outline solutions to enhance your security.

The rate of cybercrime is increasing steadily, with more victims falling prey to their scams every day. It is one of the biggest challenges growing businesses face today. These breaches are incredibly costly and often damage the company’s reputation. And few events can jeopardize your company’s future as substantially as a data breach can. The best way to prevent a data breach is to ensure your cybersecurity measures are adequate for today’s cyber crimes – and this starts with a cybersecurity assessment.

Process Audit

A process audit allows an expert to look closely at your current processes and resources to help you determine how they help you achieve long-term business goals. These audits allow companies to assess, understand, and plan for changes. In addition, these audits help you identify inefficiencies, provide opportunities for improvement, increase productivity, create transparency, and provide better data for leaders to make informed decisions, among other goals. Leveraging the knowledge gained through a process audit can help you make the right decisions, increasing the chances that your company will remain successful and continue to grow.

Audits are often related to financial processes. However, the range of IT audits available demonstrates how this type of analysis can benefit your business and help you continue to grow. For more information about audits and managed IT services, contact Sagacent Technologies today.

Sagacent Technologies offers technology management and support, including proactive/preventative maintenance, onsite and offsite data back-ups, network and security audits, mobility solutions, disaster planning, and emergency business resumption services. The company serves clients of 10 to 150 employees within the Silicon Valley region.