How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business Remain Flexible in a Changing Economy

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As a business owner, you likely had a vision for your company’s growth and trajectory. And while some elements of that initial plan may have gone accordingly, it is likely that many unforeseen circumstances have also impacted its growth. In modern times, economic conditions have been highly turbulent and can be impacted by many factors, from global politics to technological innovation. Yet, throughout it all, one thing remains true; your business must remain flexible to continue competing.

Managed IT services offer a way to help your business remain flexible no matter how much economic conditions may change. These services can benefit your business and face any challenge it may encounter as we move forward. Managed IT services support flexibility in multiple ways, such as:

  • Increased productivity: Unplanned outages due to IT disruptions cost organizations approximately $60,000 for every one hundred users. Additionally, employees lose over twelve hours of productive work time each year due to server downtime and an additional six hours due to network downtime. When you do the math for any organization, it means that a lot of time is lost due to IT outages, costing your business dearly. Managed IT services can reduce downtime and help your team stay productive.
  • Better budgeting: Without managed IT services, it can be difficult to develop a reliable budget. You never know when a cyber attack or system failure will need to be addressed. And if the event is large enough, you can quickly blow your entire IT budget. With managed IT services, you have the same payment every month. You avoid the risk of having a major event tie up all of your financial resources. And when you know exactly what you need to pay, you can free up additional working capital and put it into efforts that will grow your business.
  • Growth is easier: Scaling up your business is an exciting time for any business owner. It means you are doing well enough to continue growing. And while this is good news, scaling up can be a period of high anxiety for business owners and managers. You usually have to take on many additional financial responsibilities related to hiring new staff and expanding your IT resources. With managed IT services, you can simply work with your service provider to develop a plan to leverage additional IT assets as you need them. And they can also ensure that all new staff gets access to the resources they need quickly, no matter how many additional employees you hire. Knowing you have these resources at your disposal makes scaling up much easier than it may have been in the past.
  • More options for your workforce: Until recently, employees often spent long days at a centralized physical location to get work done. And while remote working and hybrid options are much more common, they come with security risks. A decentralized workforce needs the right digital tools and platforms to ensure data security and support business operations. Getting all the pieces in place can be complex for IT staff in a small or medium-sized company, but it is no problem for managed IT service providers that do this daily. And with the right tools in place, your team can get their work done from any location, using any device that can support a web browser.
  • Cost savings: When a business starts looking into managed IT services, the cost can initially be a shock. But it comes with so many opportunities to save money that most leaders quickly realize the massive cost savings they can experience. For example, you no longer need to dole out huge investments for infrastructure in addition to leasing space to house it and energy to power these devices. You may also be able to shrink your on-site IT staffing requirements and save money on licensing, training, and consulting. All of these IT needs can be streamlined, and you can save a tremendous amount of money over time through economies of scale.

These benefits ensure your business stays flexible to meet any economic challenges. And in addition to the most obvious benefits, managed IT service providers can often provide strategic insights into your operations that increase efficiency and reduce costs. They can 8userve as a trusted partner to help you meet your business goals. Contact Sagacent Technologies today to learn more about managed IT services and how they can benefit your unique business.

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