Top 3 Security Camera Systems for Your Business

how to choose a security camera

how to choose a security cameraIn one year, nearly nine percent of businesses were victims of a burglary.

The average sum lost in these burglaries is $8,000, which those business owners had to pay out of pocket.

That is a significant sum for any small business. Protecting your business means investing in a security system that covers the potential security risks at your location using cameras.

Security cameras are a standard security device used to protect homes and businesses. As common-place as they are, it would be tempting to think that any security camera from a local supplier would do. However, that ignores the fact that there are a variety of camera devices and set-ups available.

How can you choose one to fit your business’ needs?

How to Choose a Security Camera for Your Business

There are camera types for all settings. Some will be better suited to your purpose than others. Many come with optional features, such as low-light recording or motion detectors, as well as a range of resolutions. With the variety available, choosing the right security camera can be a challenge.

To equip you for that challenge, you need to understand the common types of cameras available.

1. Infrared Cameras

Infrared (IR) cameras are a popular variant for both home and commercial use.

During the day or in high-light environments, they record high-resolution color video, but their real utility is in low-light environments.

Their IR illuminators automatically switch on when the ambient light drops below a certain threshold, allowing them to record footage that human eye would never be able to see. They can be weather-proofed and can endure a range of temperatures as well, making them well-suited to exterior camera coverage.

2. Domed Security Cameras

Domed cameras come encased in a tinted dome, making it difficult for anyone to tell where the camera is pointing.

These cameras are primarily used in retail environments. Thieves know to hide in a camera’s blind spot. By making it difficult to tell where exactly a camera is pointed, a domed camera discourages theft over a broader area by making it hard to find that blind spot.

3. Pro Box Cameras

Known for their high video quality, pro box cameras are used in banks, at convenience store counters, and other places where there is a high risk of robbery. Most of these cameras feature the ability to change lenses to achieve specific angles and zoom levels.

One Camera Does Not Fit All

The needs of your business will dictate what camera set-up will best protect you, your staff, and your investment. Weigh your needs against the options available to choose a security camera that will keep your business secure. Keep in mind what areas need to be covered and the type of lighting in those areas. Consider a mix of these cameras to maximize the coverage of your business, both internally and externally.

One final item is managing the recordings that your security cameras capture. In the event of a break-in or other unfortunate incident, you will need that footage securely stored and backed-up.

Sagacent Technologies can assist you in that regard.

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