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5 Biggest Silicon Valley Information Technology Trends

business success with IT

business success with ITSilicon Valley is always shaping the next information technology trends. Staying on top of them, however, is important for everyone, not just those of us who want to start the next Facebook or Twitter.

IT is the backbone of every business. Read on to know what you can expect out of the tech industry as time goes on. If you stay on top of these trends, business success will be that much easier.

AI Keeps Growing

Artificial intelligence is continuing to revolutionize business today. We’re in the middle of an AI explosion, and soon it will be even harder to get by without a serious AI investment on behalf of your company.

Its incredible versatility is what makes AI one of the best information technology trends today.

It can be used by anyone from Facebook, for its incredibly successful automatic tagging mechanism, to Salesforce, in an attempt to improve customer relations. Make sure your business is seriously invested in AI if you want to keep on top of trends.

The Backlash Against Suggestion Algorithms

Suggestion algorithms have become an important part of online business. In the coming years, we will likely see skepticism and backlash against them.

Much of this is because of Facebook and the 2016 U.S. election. The news suggestion algorithms, which lead some people to find stories they’re interested in, have led to the posting of fake news stories on the timelines of individuals.

It is likely that these stories had a serious effect on people’s opinions during the recent presidential election. With Silicon Valley taking social responsibility more seriously, there may be both advancements in machine learning and an increased need for human oversight.

VR Everywhere

VR has been growing at an alarming rate. Now, virtual reality and augmented reality are present everywhere from the world of video games to Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

With innovators both within and outside of Silicon Valley rushing to endorse virtual reality, it’s safe to say that this will be one of the most influential information technology trends facing the world today.

Digital Twins

The digital twin may be one of the most incredible Internet of Things revolutions happening. It makes it easier to monitor physical goods using tech.

It works by creating a digital model of a physical item. The two are paired, and one can use the digital element to monitor the physical one.

This technology is incredibly important for anybody in construction, production or manufacturing. Without a doubt, this will forever change the products we buy.

Blockchains Continue

Securing the sensitive financial information of others is important. In the future, blockchains are likely to be important for achieving this goal.

Blockchains work by serving as a secure digital record of any transaction. They’re already popular with transactions using bitcoin, and in the future may grow for the use of credit card-based online purchases.

Stay On Top Of Information Technology Trends

You’ll experience challenges in the areas of innovation, cybersecurity, and more. If you want to grow and stay profitable, you need to be willing to innovate.

We can help you by offering solutions in every area from managed IT to cloud hosting. So if you want to positively impact your bottom line, contact us today!

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