How Managed IT Services Make Your Life Easier

Managed IT Services

Managed IT ServicesAre you weary about the business advantages of managed IT services?

You’re not alone. Business executives often believe that money reserved for managed IT could be spent elsewhere. Why not have a tech-savvy team member tend to desktop PCs that need repair? Or what about simply hiring a fix-it guy when the printer breaks down?

It is important to know that a well-rounded lineup of IT services goes far beyond repair. Continue reading to learn how managed IT services can help you and your business.

Preventive Maintenance Saves You From Headaches And Expenses

IT failure comes at a steep price. A single incident can cost as much as $10.8 million. This cost only increases when you take into account disgruntled customers, wasted opportunities, and lost staff productivity.

A break-fix approach means your business will still suffer from IT failure as well as lost profits. Fortunately, outstanding managed IT services take a preventive stance against technology issues.

The last thing you want is a crashing server or security breach, especially when the office is bustling and business is good.To avoid such a disaster, a preventive IT service ensures your systems are regularly updated. Hardware components are monitored around the clock. Also, security is kept tight 24/7!

With regular and proactive maintenance, managed IT services ensure your systems are in tip-top shape while keeping expensive downtimes at bay.

Managed IT Services Can Help You Sleep Better At Night

Did you know?

About 40% of small businesses close their doors after a disaster. Shockingly, a 2015 survey by Nationwide found that 75% of SMB owners have no continuity and disaster recovery plan in place.

What about you? Will your business survive if a fire or hurricane destroys your onsite equipment and data?

With managed IT services, you can stop worrying about such questions.

A managed services provider can create a solid continuity and disaster recovery plan (DRP). Keep in mind that the plan won’t prevent fires or earthquakes from destroying your IT. However, this set of procedures for recovering and protecting business IT will help minimize the damage.

With offsite data backups included in the recovery plan, you can rest easy knowing your employees will still have access to up-to-date information about your business and customers.

Help Improve Your Reputation And Save Costs

Businesses want both a better public image and lower expenses. Managed IT services can help you make progress on both ends.

Did you know that managed print services have helped companies reduce energy consumption by up to 40%?

People root for organizations that go the extra mile by having a “green” business. Slashing your energy consumption almost in half can earn the trust of these eco-conscious folks.

It gets even better.

A managed print service can set you up for massive savings, especially if you’re in a document-intensive industry:

  • 41% for law offices
  • 41% for law offices
  • 33% for financial firms
  • 27% for healthcare organizations

IT services don’t stop there.

Today’s technology allows you to be 100% paperless. A document management system not only protects your documents while fostering collaboration, it also allows your organization to eliminate paper from operations.

If you need an efficient way to go “green” with your company, look no more! Call us today.