5 Ways to Increase Your Team’s Productivity with a Mondopad


mondopadDiscover how you can increase your team’s productivity with a Mondopad now.

What Is a Mondopad?

An Infocus Mondopad is an innovative device that you can set up in your conference rooms that allows you and your team to create video conferencing calls with ease.

The Mondopad has an LCD touch screen, video camera, sound bars, and a built-in computer.

Using the Mondopad for conference calls is easy. All you have to do is connect it through the InFocus ConX cloud service. Then you and your team are able to use the collaboration system to conference other high-end video systems, SIP, or even Skype for Business.

The Mondopad also comes with a variety of software on it, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF documents.

The Mondopad essentially allows your team to collaborate more and work more efficiently whether you have an international conference call, or a team meeting.

5 Ways Mondopads Can Increase Your Team’s Productivity

According to Salesforce, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

It is no secret that collaboration and communication go hand in hand with productivity. So check out how the Mondopad can increase your team’s productivity now.

1. Whiteboard Collaboration

Sharing ideas, opinions, and thoughts are all very important factors of teamwork.

Mondopad’s collaborative whiteboard app encourages your team to work together because it allows them to interactively draw on the shared whiteboard.

Mondopad’s whiteboard has multiple pages, so you and your team can brainstorm a whole range of ideas and not have to delete anything.

The whiteboard collaboration application is also great because once the meeting is over, all attendees can be emailed a copy of the whiteboard or the presentation. This email can be done directly from the Mondopad, so you do not need to waste time emailing everyone.

2. Save Time

The Mondopad will save you, your team, and your business a lot of time—time which can be spent on critical tasks and projects.

The set-up of the Mondopad is straightforward and quick to do. All you need is an internet connection. You do not need any additional complicated communications infrastructure.

You can also save time during the set-up of your meetings. With the Mondopad, you will never be caught short with tech problems again, seen as how it has an onboard computer, which is compatible with Windows.

The meeting organizer lets you copy or email the documents and files you need directly to the unit. This process will save you the hassle of having to find your documents and the stress of fiddling with the VGA cables.

3. Real-Time Collaboration

If you are a remote team and need a real-time collaboration tool that ensures the team stays focused, then the Mondopad could be ideal for you.

Most people only have a focus span of about 5-10 minutes, which is why it can sometimes feel like you are talking to yourself in the meetings.

Having a real-time collaboration on the same display is a very useful feature for those team members who find it difficult to focus.

If your team members are in the same room as you, then the large Mondopad touchscreen is sure to keep their focus too. People enjoy learning with visuals, so a large screen full of high-quality images will be sure to get the room’s attention.

4. Clearer Communication

Your team’s productivity can be stumped because of a lack of communication. Often, people who do not know what they are doing will procrastinate and not complete the work.

The Mondopad offers high-quality sound and display to ensure that your team can clearly understand and see what it is that you want them to do.

The soundbars, which are attached to the Mondopad screens, are large with top-quality sound. They are great for small and large conference rooms.

The 4K display and the HD camera ensure that all team members (remote or in-office) see a sharp resolution and gain the clarity they need.

5. Save Money

Saving money seems like a business benefit, however, the money you save can be spent on your employees.

For example, the budget that could have gone to expensive, technical equipment can alternatively be spent on your employees learning budget or on teamwork days.

Due to the Mondopad’s flexibility in terms of connecting with a whole range of other video systems, you can expect to save a lot of money.

You can expect to save a ton of money for your upfront costs because the Mondopad only requires internet to work. Which means you do not need to fork out loads of money on communication infrastructure.

Your team will also be more productive with the Mondopad due to its interactivity, and thus will do more work. Which in turn, makes your business more money.

Learn more about how a Mondopad can benefit your business presentations and wow your audience.

Why Do You Need a Mondopad?

A Mondopad can greatly improve your team’s productivity and teamwork because of its interactive and engaging features.

If you want your team to work more efficiently and become more productive, then investing in the Mondopad could be the right move for you.

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