IT Services San Jose: Protecting Your Patients Against Cyber Attacks

IT services San Jose, cyber attacks

IT services San Jose, cyber attacksCybersecurity is becoming even more detrimental in the medical field. Between 2009 and 2019, there were over 3,000 data breaches. As a result of these breaches, over 230 million healthcare records were stolen, lost, and even exposed.

The healthcare industry is relying more on technology, especially with services such as telehealth on the rise.

Unfortunately, many health businesses are still lacking in cybersecurity. It is integral that medical companies invest in managed IT services San Jose to prevent future cyber attacks.

Here is how managed IT services can safeguard your medical company and protect your patients.

Why Is Cybersecurity So Important for Healthcare Companies?

More hackers are targeting medical businesses. Why? Here are a few reasons why cybersecurity is essential.

Medical Businesses Face Many Threats

Many healthcare companies have weak security systems, putting them at risk for these different types of cyber attacks:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Hacking
  • And more

These attacks not only compromise your systems and result in lost profits. They also leave your patients vulnerable.

Healthcare Businesses Hold Sensitive Patient Data

The most common reason why medical businesses are the target of cyber attacks is they hold valuable patient information. This information includes medical records, insurance records, and even their medical history.

Why is this data worthy? Medical records are a one-stop-shop for personal information. On average, medical records hold full names, financial institution information, full address history, and even social security numbers.

From here, hackers can do a lot with patient information. They usually sell off the information to scammers who can purchase prescription drugs or even make false insurance claims.

This data is not only useful, but it is easy to obtain. Most healthcare providers do not have the appropriate security measures to protect patient data. This reality means hackers can easily attack your system and steal valuable data.

Reliance on Medical Devices

Medical technology is achieving amazing progress in the health world. Unfortunately, this progress means medical companies need to strengthen their digital security.

Skilled hackers can remotely control these devices.

For example, they can increase drug dosages in drug infusion pumps, cause batteries in pacemakers to flatten, deliver shocks to the heart via heart rate monitors, and more. Some hackers may even shut down your systems altogether, forcing you to pay a ransom.

This type of hacking causes more than financial damage. It can endanger your patients’ lives. In addition, if these devices are connected to the internet, hacking them is usually simple.

While updating your software can help strengthen these devices, a managed IT team can detect threats and more, making it impossible for hackers to compromise your system.

How Managed IT Services San Jose Can Protect Your Healthcare Company

Cybersecurity should be included in all medical technology. This security will help eliminate any weak points in your system. Managed IT services can strengthen your networks and protect against an attack. Here is why.


Managed IT goes beyond implementing security measures for compliance purposes. They will strengthen your system to prevent an attack. In addition, they will also prevent other scams, such as phishing and malware.

Data Backups

Backing up patient data is one of the most effective ways to combat a cyber attack. For example, let’s say a hacker steals patient information and is holding this data ransom. You already have the data backed up so you don’t have to pay the ransom.

Patient records can also be easily accessed in case there is any downtime or a technological emergency occurs.

Minimizing Downtime

Any downtime can severely disrupt your medical office and put patient safety on the line. With managed IT, your downtime risk is reduced significantly.

They do this by responding to technological issues and addressing minor issues. These actions prevent major problems, which can result in serious downtime.


Due to the increase in medical cyber attacks, there are strict healthcare technology compliance issues. A managed IT service with medical knowledge will know all of the compliance standards you have to abide by.

In addition, compliance is predicted to increase. For example, with more reliance on telehealth and remote healthcare, strict security standards are now used when discussing patient information and holding medical records.

An IT company will not only follow these laws but will educate you on any software or technology changes to stay compliant.

Additional Security Tips to Know

While you can trust a managed IT firm to provide the best security services, there are simple best practices to safeguard your systems and stay compliant. Here is what you need to know.

Make a List of Potential Risks

Identifying your vulnerabilities will ensure you fix them. Take a look at your system and find any risks. From here, research ways to strengthen them. You can also consult with a managed IT firm and ask for their recommendations.

Train Your Staff

Human error is responsible for 90% of cyber attacks. Your own staff could be behind these attacks, downloading malicious files and opening dangerous email attachments.

That is why it is best to train your staff members. Teach them about phishing, malware, and other issues that can compromise your system. Explain how to identify these threats and how they can handle them.

Identify the Most Important Data

No matter how much you try to protect your system, hackers always find a way to outsmart you. This reality is why you should identify the most important information and find ways to enforce stricter security measures on this data.

For example, you will want to take greater measures when saving patient social security numbers and financial information.

Trust Us With Your Medical Managed IT Services

From medical devices to patient data, healthcare businesses suffer many technological vulnerabilities. While there are ways you can improve your systems, medical companies will benefit most when they invest in managed IT services San Jose.

Due to compliance issues, medical businesses will need a managed IT firm experienced in the healthcare industry. San Jose medical offices can look no further. Click here to learn more about our healthcare managed IT services.

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