5 Easy Ways to Reduce Small Business Network Security Concerns without Breaking Your Budget

small business network

small business networkOver half of all cyberattacks every year hit small businesses. Can you afford to risk it?

The cost of a cyberattack is more than financial. It damages your reputation, you lose customer trust, and waste vital time away from core tasks fixing the security breach.

It is easy to make sure this does not happen to you. Keep reading to find out how your managed IT services provider can improve your small business network security on a tight budget.


Partition Access to Your Small Business Network

Allowing staff to use personal devices on your network increases the risk of malware or viruses entering your system. This risk escalates again if you allow customers or guests to access your WiFi, too. People downloading apps or opening questionable emails is all it takes to open a gate for hackers and malware to enter.

Your IT provider can show you how to set up a separate network that is easy for staff and guests to use – without putting your business operations at risk.

Train Staff to Spot Phishing Emails

Learning how to spot phishing emails is a simple yet effective way to stop staff inadvertently giving cybercriminals access to your business network. The domain email address, for example, will often not match that of the company it claims to be from.

Links and attachments in these emails also create huge risk. Your IT expert can set up download restrictions and permissions to limit the risk – and also train staff to recognize questionable links before they click.

Apply Continuous Software Updates

Regular updates allow software providers to install patches to address newly identified bugs in their program. Hackers take advantage of software issues to access your network, so regular updates are essential.

Your IT provider will conduct a regular security audit and install manual updates when required. They will also set up regular updates for all office devices to make sure important security patches are installed as soon as they become available.

Force Regular Password Changes

Keeping the same password for years – and using the same one for everything – significantly increases the risk of a breach.

Your IT manager can set up a system of regular forced password changes for every staff member. This process ensures everyone on your team uses a new password regularly, significantly reducing the risk of hacking.

Use a Secure Virtual Private Network

A secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps to anonymize your activity on the internet. This option means any staff or business activity conducted over the internet – even things like sending emails – is much harder to intercept.

Free VPNs aren’t secure or reliable. Your IT provider will set you up with a trusted VPN service to ensure your network remains secure and all internet-based activity is encrypted.

Speak to an IT Expert Today for More Tips

These are just a few of the ways your IT support can help you to improve the security of your small business network without a huge increase in your tech budget.

Find out how outsourcing your IT to security specialists can further help protect your business – and improve your operational efficiency – by calling one of our experts today.

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