Rethinking Cybersecurity

Cyber Security

Why Most Companies Get Hacked, And Some Others Don’t

The global pandemic has drastically changed the business landscape. While businesses were in a rush to adapt to keep their doors open, cybersecurity was often just an afterthought, and now we are more vulnerable than ever.

In 2021, we saw some of the most significant cyberattacks in recent history appear in the news. The truth is that cyberattacks have increased 600% just since the beginning of the pandemic. This has left us wondering: How? Why?

While it’s hard to directly connect these hacks to the pandemic, its safe to say that the pandemic hasn’t slowed down these bad actors in the slightest. Hackers have been working overtime since the beginning of the pandemic and have been finding vulnerabilities in numerous software applications before patches can be rolled out.

No longer does being proactive just mean, “I will update my software when its available”. It’s crucial to have multiple layers to your cybersecurity including things such as: good password practices, enabling MFA on all accounts, keeping up-to-date and secure data backups, etc.

We’ve been looking deeper into these recent hacks and came to this conclusion: In this “new age” of highly aggressive hackers, it’s imperative that we understand:

  • How and why the hackers are succeeding.
  • How some businesses are stopping these attacks or mitigating their impact.
  • What are today’s accepted best practices and new ways of thinking for moving forward.

You are invited to join us at Birk’s Restaurant on October 26th for an exceptional presentation by longtime IT and security expert Ed Correia on the top five big news-making hacks of 2021.  Ed will explain the lessons learned from each and how these could have been prevented, mitigated, or recovered without paying the ransom.

Optionally, you are also invited to stay after lunch and watch a live disaster recovery demonstration. Watch a business-ending event to full recovery in just minutes!

Please bring your appetite as we will also have a selection of delicious free steaks available to order (vegetarian & pescatarian options will also be available).

Space is strictly LIMITED, so please Register Here!



Where: Birk’s Restaurant (3955 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054)

What:Complementary Lunch & Learn

When: October 26th, 2021 (11:30 am – 1:30 pm)

What You Can Expect: You can expect a delicious complementary lunch as well as a presentation from longtime IT and security expert, Ed Correia, on the top five big news-making hacks of 2021 and how these could have been prevented, mitigated, or recovered from without having to pay the ransom.

RSVP: Please RSVP ahead of time as there is limited seating which we expect to go quick!