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How AI is Changing the World of IT Support

Sagacent How AI Changing IT

Sagacent How AI Changing ITRegardless of a company’s size, managing the demands of IT support can be a challenge.

Staffing an IT department is expensive, and often impossible for smaller companies. With 52 percent of small businesses based in their founders’ homes, it’s no surprise that many lack IT personnel.

Even if a company can afford to hire an employee or two for IT purposes, they’ll likely become overwhelmed. Employees will bombard them with questions and concerns, many of which could be answered with a quick online search.

You could outsource your IT. But as your business grows, so does the need for in-house IT, with agents who understand your business and its unique needs.

The high costs and inefficiency of IT support have driven many businesses to look for other options. That’s where AI comes in.So how do you protect yourself from such a scam? You’ve got to be able to spot the warning signs. Here are the top 5 ways to spot a computer tech support scam:

The Future of IT

To cut costs and offer support to a large number of employees, many businesses around the globe are now turning to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a way of offering support for simple tech problems through a computer-generated system.

Businesses may implement one of two AI support options. The first is a front-end AI support system. The second combines AI support with support from a human IT agent

Front-end AI Support System

With this system, an AI program offers answers to a range of questions that employees have about IT. This system is a great way to reduce the workload on IT employees.

By spending less time answering simple questions, they’ll have extra time to work on more complicated tech issues. AI also reduces the amount of training time for IT professionals. The AI can walk employees through minor issues before they escalate.

AI Support for a Human IT Agent

The other AI support option is an AI system that supports a human representative. With this option, a human IT agent is still present, but the AI system is there to help.

With this option, an employee starts by typing a question into an IT chat. Then, the AI system reads the message and offers the human IT agent a list of possible responses.

The possible responses given to the agent are simple. But once they choose one, the AI system expands the answer. They provide the agent with a detailed response and possible steps they can take to fix their problem.

This system reduces the amount of time that it takes an IT agent to answer each employee question, allowing them to help more people in less time.

Making the Move to AI for IT Support

Experts estimate that 8 out of 10 businesses already utilize AI support, or plan to by the year 2020.

If your business hasn’t made the move yet, now is the time to do so.

AI for IT support is a great way to meet the technology demands of your employees. It allows you to do so without overworking a small IT staff or requiring you to hire extra support.

You’ll save money, and your employees will get quick, helpful answers to their tech questions, allowing them to work faster than ever.
If you’re ready to add AI support, but aren’t sure how to get started, Sagacent Technologies can help. We’ll help you set up your AI system, and support you with repairs or updates as needed.

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