3 Places to Look for Gaps on a Technology Audit

technology audit

technology auditYou are behind, and you are falling even more so. Technology is accelerating faster than ever. Falling behind can mean staying behind.

So how do we avoid falling behind?

Most companies try to keep their technology up to date through the regular use of technology audits. But what if they are missing something?

Read on to find out where you should check for gaps on a technology audit.

The Productivity Gap

Eliminating distraction is one of the best investments you can make for your business in the modern world. 50% of employees are saying that cell phone use destroys their productivity due to its inherent ability to distract.

It is the worker’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is being productive, but the worker often fails at his or her job. IT audits should spend extra time looking at the systems the company has in place to eliminate distraction and enable focused work.

This type of focused work should help employees spend more time on the things that matter. Increasing communication at all levels helps employees to coordinate and make their concerns known.

The Worker Feedback Technology Audit

People invest more in a project when they feel like they have a stake in it. This investment is not just monetary. It is an investment of time, energy, and emotion.

Any modern tech audit should take a look at or install systems where workers can feel like they have a share and a say in their company. Many modern companies spend so long looking after their customers that they forget their employees.

When employees are happy, the customer gets a better product.

Providing a system where the whole company can have a say or give feedback will also help management to see problems on the ground and adapt.

These types of worker-centric technologies go a long way to motivating the company to achieve at all levels.

The Human Security Factor

Maybe it happened when you read about the massive Equifax data breach. Maybe it was when you saw that Facebook itself got hacked millions were affected.

Whatever started it, one day you might have had an ounce of fear. A little voice might have said: your company may not have the right cyber security protocols in place.

Data breaches can often be traced back to a single (human) cause. When humans make bad passwords, things get hacked.

Any IT audit now should take a look at the systems in place to prevent humans from having weak login credentials into important areas. This field of cyber security is more important than ever. Even though a security breach can hurt your business, the government will still fine you for it.

That is like pouring salt on the wound.

Want Help?

A technology audit should be performed on a regular basis so you know that there are not any new gaps popping up in your productivity, employee-centric, or security technologies.

If you would like help with your IT solutions, you can reach out to us. We offer free 1 hour consults and would be glad to go over any of your existing needs.

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