Managed IT San Jose: How the Use of a VPN Can Lower Your Risks for a Data Breach

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Managed IT San JoseThe Internet is one of the most powerful tools that business owners can take advantage of. In fact, establishing a strong online presence is often cited as one of the best ways to increase lead generation.

Things can easily go awry, though, if a data breach occurs. In some cases, extended downtime can be impossible for a small business to recover from.

Fortunately, using a VPN can drastically reduce your risk.

Not sure where to start? Do not worry, this managed IT San Jose company has got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

So, What Exactly Is a VPN?

The term VPN stands for ‘virtual private network.’ As the name suggests, it involves using a handful of servers and computers in order to establish a private connection within a public network.

To better understand this concept, you can think of a VPN as a closed-off hallway that travels through a crowded public area that you can only access by inputting the appropriate security information.

A VPN accomplishes this task by encrypting the data associated with your online behavior to maintain a higher level of privacy. This process can allow you to bypass network restrictions, something that is commonly seen with tourists who travel to other countries with regulated Internet access.

How Can I Benefit From Using One?

The utility a VPN provides extends far past keeping your browsing history safe from prying eyes, however. Business owners will find that it has a handful of attributes that can help protect their company’s data from being compromised.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most notable.

Increased Anonymity

Having an increased level of privacy directly translates to an increased level of security. This fact is particularly important for businesses that have employees who frequently operate online on the company’s network.

While remaining anonymous online in itself will not completely protect your data, it is an additional safeguard that can boost your overall level of safety on the Internet. This option can also indirectly benefit your company, since businesses that are known for taking necessary safety measures often attract both customers and investors.


One of the most important benefits that a VPN can provide to you is the capability to scale as your business grows. Smaller businesses will not need the same level of service that a larger company will, and vice versa.

A reliable VPN provider will allow its clients to scale as needed and will likely offer lower prices when compared to non-VPN solutions.

For businesses that have a particularly tight budget (especially when it comes to IT), this option becomes even more attractive.

Safe Remote Access

It is not feasible for your company’s data to only be accessible from your office. Many businesses have seen this firsthand as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additionally, employees who work remotely may need access to sensitive information that would normally only be accessible within your traditional workspace.

Through using a VPN, data will be protected from cybercriminals who may wish to compromise it.

For example, your company may be a victim of a ransom ware attack due to a security flaw in your main network. As previously mentioned, unprecedented downtime can be catastrophic for a small business.]

In extreme scenarios, hackers will release a company’s sensitive data to its industry competitors, essentially forcing the victim to go out of business.

If you experience a data breach through other means, you can easily retrieve compromised data from a cloud server that has been secured through a VPN.

IP Masking

Many hackers tend to target a computer’s IP address in order to gain access to the software on the machine. Under the right circumstances, cybercriminals are then able to perform virtually any action on that machine from their location.

Fortunately, VPNs not only mask your network’s IP address, but they also generate a new one every time the VPN is launched. As a result, it’s essentially impossible for someone to trace your IP address.

Effortless Setup

For all the utility that a VPN provides to a business owner, it is notably easy to get up and running. This option is particularly useful for smaller companies that do not have a professional on-site to help them configure everything.

This ease of use is mainly due to the fact that your VPN provider is the one who has to handle the infrastructure for the network. But, since the network is so inherently secure, they are able to do so without incurring an overwhelming cost.

Safer Transactions

It is practically essential for businesses that facilitate online transactions to incorporate a VPN. Otherwise, you are faced with two major risks:

  1. Your company’s sensitive data could become compromised.
  2. The financial information of your customers could fall into the wrong hands.

Even a single data breach could drastically erode the trust that your audience has in your company. So, it is essential that you take your security obligations seriously when it comes to protecting your network.

Managed IT San Jose: Using a VPN Can Seem Difficult

But it does not have to be.

With the above information from this managed IT San Jose firm in mind, you will be well on your way toward making the decision that is best for you and your business.

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