What Is IT Infrastructure Management? How Your MSP Can Get Your Business Organized

managed IT service provider in san jose

managed IT service provider in san joseWhat is a managed IT service? Simply put, it gives a third-party complete and sometimes partial responsibility for your IT support.

Did you know that 8.2% of all business revenue goes toward their IT?

Businesses can succeed or fail by their IT environment’s quality. That includes hardware, software, networks, the internet, and data. It is not unusual to see those entire companies are entirely dependent on their IT network. And, would almost feel a substantial negative impact on their business if their network encounters a significant issue.

Read on for answers to all your questions about managed IT service providers in San Jose, and learn how you can get your business IT organized.

History of Managed IT Services

Computer systems evolve and change immensely year after year, in fact, in some cases, month by month. Unfortunately, the tools to support and service the ever-changing IT landscape have lagged. That has made remote and automated support very difficult. This fact is probably the main reason companies employed a full time IT support staff.

In days gone by, IT support was mostly break-fix. There were very little predictive maintenance and no automation. So, when something went wrong, the company called a service desk. They then hoped a technician would be available to come and sort out the problem.

As time went on, IT support companies started to create procedures and tools to reduce the need to go on-site. These same tools were used to look for signs of issues before they struck and snowballed into more significant problems. That increased the likelihood of prolonged downtime.

With remote IT support now more possible, service providers started to look into automation to reduce workforce requirements. No longer do you have to find out the hard way there is a problem; the system commences alerting when something isn’t as it is supposed to be. Moreover, the technician does not have to jump in his car to help – resolving the problem remotely.

With these newfound capabilities, IT companies could start to offer better-managed services to a customer base who did not want to employ full time IT staff.

The Benefits of a Managed IT Service Provider In San Jose

For many companies, IT is not the core business; it is an enabler, just like telephony is. Larger companies and corporations with larger budgets and various business units will, more often than not, have dedicated IT personnel to support the business.

Medium-sized and smaller businesses with smaller budgets take the strain to employ dedicated IT support staff. It is here where Managed IT Services offer tremendous value.

Partnering with someone whose core business is information technology means companies can focus on their core business. Perhaps real estate, interior decorating, or specialized consulting. There are very few types of companies that cannot benefit from having a Managed IT Service or Services.

1. Free Up Other Internal Resources

When you partner with a managed IT service provider in San Jose, business owners become able to focus on ‘more important’ tasks. In other words, jobs that generate revenue.

If your staff, or yourself, are spending the bulk of your time fixing IT issues, you’re losing valuable time on other aspects of your business.

As is sometimes the general feeling, Managed IT service providers are not a threat to internal IT staff. But, they can help internal IT staff by managing the everyday security, network and IT tasks that need to be performed. These being routine maintenance, monitoring of storage and server infrastructure, and other day-to-day network operations.

2. Creating a Partnership

If you find the right IT service provider to partner with, you will be starting a solid foundation for your systems and networks. Why do we say that?

Well, the right partner will deliver on essential functions for your operation, such as measuring, analyzing, and reporting on your network status, security as well adding valuable insights for changes you’re considering.

The work you do together starts to enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and even introduces your business to newer, more advanced technology.

3. You Get Exclusive Access

When a business decides to upgrade or implement new software or processes in their internal workings, the process of doing so can become both costly and time-consuming with regards to purchases and training requirements.

Partnering with a managed IT service provider gives you access to the latest technologies, software, and tools. You also get access to skills and expertise that has taken years to build up. That becomes an extension to your team, and thus a vital resource.

4. All The Benefits But Not All The Costs

If you were going to build your IT department from the ground up, you’d be increasing your budget significantly. That budget is for the allocation of resources, staff and the dedication of time that you probably don’t have.

A managed IT service provider can become a fully-staffed extension of your team. You’re basically employing an outside IT team, without paying for it in full with things like employee benefits, taxes, and more.

Managed IT Service Providers For The Win

Did you know that partnering with a managed IT service provider in San Jose can help to cut your over IT support costs by 30%? And sometimes, this can even reach as much as 50%!

Your network, the security of your systems and the technology in-house should not be giving you sleepless nights. You should be able to focus on what is going to make your business grow.

If you have any questions or need more information on managed IT services, get in touch with us today! Why not take our managed IT assessment now?

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