Your Company Has Been Hacked! Now What?

Your Company Has Been Hacked! Now What?
This year we have seen some very high-profile cyber attacks. Big companies such as SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS Meats, and most recently, Kaseya are just a few to be breached so far in 2021. All of these companies had the funding and resources to secure themselves adequately but did not properly do so. Small businesses need to be asking themselves:
  • Are we doing the right things when it comes to cybersecurity?
  • What could we do better?
  • How can we reduce the impact when it happens to us?
  • IT Security guru, Ed Correia, we will discuss the last four *BIG* cyber hacks (Kaseya, JBS, Colonial Pipeline, and Solar Winds) and explain what happened, why, and what would have stopped or lowered the impact.
  • Insurance expert, Joe DeLucchi, will explain what cyber insurance is and isn’t, why you need it, differences in coverage and how much coverage is necessary.