Pandemic Plundering – How Hackers Are Cashing in on COVID-19

The pandemic brought on new trends: fashionable masks, social distancing, death by Zoom and, of course, remote working. With more companies than ever adopting the remote and hybrid work model, new technologies were implemented and existing technology was changed to accommodate such an environment and culture.

The mad dash of remote work pushed productivity up and security down on the list of priorities. With vast changes in a company’s infrastructure to accommodate for this type of environment, many companies opened holes that were easily exploited by hackers. Employees were now working from the comfort of their couch and one thing hackers know best is comfort = complacency!

This session examines case studies and war stories of what the bad guys are up to and how they’ve been weaponizing “the new normal.”

On this webinar, we  covered:

  • How remote work and other organizational changes open up new avenues for attack
  • Why new modes of work make it harder to detect and stop a breach – How cybercriminals continue to innovate and up the ante
  • Why technologies such as NextGen AV and Managed Detection and Response can play a role in a defense in depth strategy

About our Speakers:
James Carroll: James Carroll is founder and principal at Secure Network Technologies, Inc. (www.securenetworkinc.com) He is a professionally trained ethical hacker and penetration tester. When not hacking his clients’ networks, Carroll is a frequent speaker and trainer at cyber security industry events.

Ed Correia: Ed Correia is the founder and CEO of Silicon Valley’s Sagacent Technologies, Inc. He has extensive experience in best-of-class technology solution design, deployment, and management in small and mid-sized business environments.

This educational webinar is being hosted by a consortium of local IT service providers, including ACCi (www.acci.com) in Birmingham, AL; Amnet (www.amnet.com) in Colorado Springs, CO; itSynergy (www.itsynergy.com) in Phoenix, AZ; and Sagacent (www.sagacent.wpengine.com) in San Jose, CA.