What to Look for With AI Technology in 2019

ai technology

ai technology In 2018, tools and apps based on AI technology made an impact in many different industries.

This year, we should see more of the same. As AI continues to advance, companies, such as Google and Amazon, will continue investing in it. Among other things, this will help bring AI closer to consumers.

Want to know more about the world of AI? Here are some of the biggest trends that will shake up the industry in 2019.

1. Automated Machine Learning

Machine learning is already a big part of AI, and it is set to evolve very soon. The reason? The AutoML platform avoids many of the setbacks associated with most training ML models.

In a way, AutoML is a perfect combination of custom ML platforms and cognitive APIs. The level of customization is high, and the workflow is not as elaborate. This process allows developers to focus on the business problem.

2. AIOps

Many experts believe that this is the year when AIOps goes mainstream. After all, the union of AI and DevOps holds a lot of potential for public cloud vendors.

Why is that? For starters, applying AI to IT operations provides many benefits to infrastructure management. Thanks to this, the ops teams will be able to automate many of their root cause analysis efforts.

3. AI Chips

As you may know, AI relies on specialized processors. No matter how fast a CPU is, it may not improve the pace of training an AI model. To speed up tasks, like facial recognition and object retention, the model will need more hardware.

Well, chip manufacturers are starting to realize that. In 2019, they are set to push a series of chips that speed up AI-enabled apps. These chips should be particularly useful in the field of computer vision.

4. AI Meets IoT

Interested in AI that can perform predictive maintenance of the equipment? Look no further than industrial IoT. This year, expect to see AI meet IoT at the edge computing layer.

In theory, any advanced ML model built on a neural network can run at the edge. The main goal is to make these models capable of dealing with speech synthesis and time-series data.

5. Neural Network Interoperability

When it comes to developing neural networks, choosing the right framework is an issue. In most cases, developers have to pick between PyTorch, Apache, Caffe2, and several other viable choices.

This reason is why Microsoft and Facebook have built ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange). With ONXX, you can reuse neural network models across various frameworks. We predict that this will be a key technology for the industry.

More on AI Technology

As you can see, there will be plenty of interesting AI trends in 2019. From IT support to business operations, AI technology is here to stay. Given that it is set to change the way companies do business, this is hardly a surprise.

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